Follow your dream of becoming a medical doctor.

Study to become a doctor in the UAE, UK & US with illuminare Medical Education.

illuminare Medical Education is has the partnerships, expertise and knowledge to underpin your journey, and empower you to realise your dream of becoming a doctor.

Our mission is to help you become a doctor, and that journey starts with your education and making the right choices.

We will help you navigate the many and various options; do I have the grades I require? Which medical school suits my needs? Which country should I choose to study in? Which specialisation will lead to my perfect career?

These are all important questions, to which illuminare holds the answers.

If you meet the entry requirements, then we can apply directly to one of four leading medical schools on your behalf for a place on Pre Med + MD, or onto an MD programme and qualify as a doctor in as little as four years.

If you need help to reach the entry requirements we can apply to the international foundation group’s medical foundation programme, which can be your pathway to acceptance at medical school.

illuminare Medical Education has an approved partnership with one of the world’s leading medical schools, as well as a medical foundation provider, alongside partners in South Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Whatever your situation, we have a solution that will set you on the path towards becoming a doctor.

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