illuminare Medical Education and Sarajevo Medical School join forces to empower future doctors

illuminare Medical Education announces a new partnership with Sarajevo Medical School.

The new partnership sees the two organisations join forces to provide young people with even more opportunities to study and become medical doctors.

illuminare Medical Education’s mission is to guide and support students on their journey to becoming a doctor, starting with the right education and choices.

The company has years of experience in medical education and has existing links with International Foundation Group and St George’s University.

“We are thrilled to add Sarajevo Medical School to our growing network of partners,” said Stephen Smith, founder and managing director of Illuminare Medical Education.

“Together, we will continue to provide students with the best possible pathways to a successful career in medicine.”

Sarajevo Medical School is dedicated to building a diverse, highly trained generation of doctors and medical professionals through innovative training programs that focus on patient care, education, research, and community involvement.

The school offers state-of-the-art education, both in-house and off-campus, with a focus on the latest scientific advancements.

“At Sarajevo Medical School, we strive for excellence. We educate our students to be the best in patient care and research. But also, to contribute and to be valuable members of their community because we believe excellence is reachable only through hard work, creativity and compassion” Aida Hajdarpasic, PhD, Dean of Medicine.  

“This new partnership will further the opportunities we can provide to prospective students internationally, helping to prepare the next generation of medical professionals for the challenges of the 21st century.”

illuminare Medical Education’ mission is to help guide and support students on their journey to becoming a doctor.

That journey starts with education and making the right choices, and illuminare Medical Education is perfectly placed to help navigate this journey – from school to graduation.

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