Virtual Research

Medical trainees will have the chance to participate in one of the nation’s top research programs, with papers being published regularly. 

Clinical Experience-Programme Overview

rainees will work with the research team along with internal and external collaborators in basic science and clinical medicine. These projects involve systematic reviews, literature reviews, big database analysis, and population survey studies. 

This rotation is a self guided study, meeting with the lead physician researcher once a week for review and guidance, and the research fellows as needed. The majority of the rotation takes place independently, and within a group setting if you are collaborating with a team.

AMO Partners

AMO partners with a diverse range of companies to give our students exclusive benefits from housing to educational services. We want to provide you with useful resources that will ultimately guide you in your medical journey.

Why study with AMO?

AMO delivers clinical training solutions and software that empower medical trainees, schools, and hospitals.

They strive to make U.S. clinical experiences accessible to everyone, offering 280+ clinical experiences in 70+ specialties and subspecialties.

AMO allows you to gain real-world medical training through in-person and virtual hands-on experiences and observerships.

Candidates can follow the easy steps to earn letters of recommendation from U.S. preceptors and enhance your skills, knowledge, and resume.

280+ Rotations to Choose From

You can view our clinical experiences by creating a free AMO account. With 70+ medical specialties and subspecialties to explore, we have something for everyone.


AMO Advisors assist with the application process. Once you reserve your rotation, your Visitor Experience Coach will make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your clinical experience.

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