Executive MBA Healthcare Management

This fast paced, 18 month programme is designed for aspiring leaders, executives, and mid-level managers who recognise the need for change, development, and advancement in healthcare.

Programme Overview

With an Executive MBA Healthcare Management qualification from Learna, you’ll be well-prepared to step into leadership or management roles in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, consulting firms, and government agencies.

The industry is continually advancing and so management and senior leaders must foster an environment of continuous learning, improvement and most importantly guidance, to ensure processes, resources and people are all supported appropriately.

Awarded by The University of Buckhingham

The University of Buckingham is the only independent university in the UK with a Royal Charter, and also one of the smallest with around 2,700 students, who study for honours degrees in two intensive years of study.

Why study with Learna?

Learna has over 10 years’ experience delivering online courses, giving you access to flexible, affordable distance learning in partnership with world-leading educators.

100% Flexible

Courses are 100% online. No fixed study times mean you can log in and learn whenever and wherever.

Multidisciplinary – study in a group of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

Expert Led

All oprogrammes are authored and developed by world leading experts in their field.

The faculty are selected due to their subject expertise, experience and teaching abilities to ensure the highest standards of educational excellence.

Career Boosting

Get this University Validated postgraduate qualification in just 2 calendar years.

40% of alumni reported an increase in salary 2 years after studying.



Year 1

Module 1 – Organisational Behaviour and Healthcare Organisations

Module 2 – Leadership in Healthcare

Module 3 – Strategy and Healthcare

Module 4 – Understanding Financial Management

Module 5 – Marketing in Healthcare Organisations

Module 6 – Managing Change in Healthcare Services

Final Assessment – Professional Project

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