MSc Acute Medicine

The primary goal of this the MSc in Acute Medicine is to provide students with a systematic understanding of topic, including critical appraisal skills, and knowledge application for direct patient benefit.

Programme Overview

Accelerate your medical career with an innovative online and part-time Acute Medicine MSc. Designed exclusively for ambitious doctors, GPs, nurses, and other allied healthcare professionals, this dynamic programme offers unparalleled flexibility and a fast track to success.

With the guidance and support of top industry educators, this flexible Acute Medicine MSc course aids professionals to develop a systematic understanding of evidence-based, protocol-delivered practice that is critical in optimising acute care.

Awarded by The University of South Wales

The University of South Wales (USW) is one of Britain’s most exciting and ambitious universities. Innovative, thriving and sustainable, it works to build better futures for students, communities and partners, economically, socially and culturally.

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Learna has over 10 years’ experience delivering online courses, giving you access to flexible, affordable distance learning in partnership with world-leading educators.

100% Flexible

Courses are 100% online. No fixed study times mean you can log in and learn whenever and wherever.

Multidisciplinary – study in a group of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

Expert Led

All oprogrammes are authored and developed by world leading experts in their field.

The faculty are selected due to their subject expertise, experience and teaching abilities to ensure the highest standards of educational excellence.

Career Boosting

Get a University Validated postgraduate qualification in just 1 calendar year instead of 2 academic years.

40% of alumni reported an increase in salary 2 years after studying.



Year 1

Module 1: Respiratory and Cardiovascular Emergencies

Module 2: Diabetes and Endocrine Emergencies

Module 3: Gastroenterological Emergencies

Module 4: Acute Presentations with Infection and Sepsis

Module 5: Acute Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Module 6: Acute Renal, Metabolic and Toxicological Emergencies

Year 2

Module 1: Research Methodologies and Critical Appraisal

Module 2: Professional Project

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