MSc Diabetes

The Diabetes MSc is oriented towards clinical application. The insights gained from this course are directly applicable to daily professional practice.

Programme Overview

There’s a growing need for healthcare professionals skilled in diabetes management. It’s essential for you to acquire the skills needed to ensure ongoing care and enhance long-term outcomes through efficient disease control.

Learna’s online, part-time MSc in Diabetes has been widely acclaimed since its inception in 2010, with over 1,000 healthcare professionals completing it successfully. The course maintains an excellent reputation, often receiving outstanding feedback from students.

Awarded by The University of South Wales

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Why study with Learna?

Learna has over 10 years’ experience delivering online courses, giving you access to flexible, affordable distance learning in partnership with world-leading educators.

100% Flexible

Courses are 100% online. No fixed study times mean you can log in and learn whenever and wherever.

Multidisciplinary – study in a group of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

Expert Led

All oprogrammes are authored and developed by world leading experts in their field.

The faculty are selected due to their subject expertise, experience and teaching abilities to ensure the highest standards of educational excellence.

Career Boosting

Get a University Validated postgraduate qualification in just 1 calendar year instead of 2 academic years.

40% of alumni reported an increase in salary 2 years after studying.



Year 1

Module 1 – Principles of Diabetes

Module 2 – Approaches to Care

Module 3 – Approaching Self Care

Module 4 – Management of Diabetes

Module 5 – Complications (Microvascular)

Year 2

Module 1 – Research Methodologies and Critical Appraisal

Module 2 – Professional Project

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