Follow your dream and study to become a doctor.

Let illuminare Medical Education guide you on your journey to becoming a doctor. Study in the UK, US, India & UAE.

illuminare Medical Education’s mission is to help aspiring international students study to become a doctor, by informing, guiding and supporting them through the whole process.

Our partnership with an innovative Medical Foundation College and world leading Medical Schools puts us in the perfect position to do so.

Whether you are just leaving school with relevant A levels, need a medical foundation programme, or have just completed a relevant degree to enter Medical School directly, we have a pathway for you.

Our team have years of experience in supporting aspiring doctors on this incredible journey.

We also work internationally with school councillors to enable them to better guide their students whilst still in school to prepare them for the journey ahead.

Whatever your starting point, we would be privileged to guide you.

Zainab is a 3rd year medical student from United Arab Emirates. This is what she says about her decision to study medicine:

“Studying to become a doctor is a privilege, to me medicine is the ultimate career. What other career can you chose which provides constant mental stimulation, a continuous opportunity to learn and progress, flexible working and a decent salary. 

“But most importantly, a career in medicine empowers you to help people, to be respected by others and to feel job satisfaction in a way that is impossible to feel in many other careers.

“The opportunities are endless, and the choice vast, however along with this comes huge responsibility to individual patients, the population as a whole and the team in which you are working.”

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“Medicines cure diseases, but only doctors can cure patients.”

Carl Jung

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