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illuminare Medical Education is a proud partner ambassador of AMOpportunities, the global pioneer in the delivery of accessible, inclusive and academic clinical training.

AMO delivers clinical training solutions and software that empower medical trainees, schools, and hospitals.

They strive to make U.S. clinical experiences accessible to everyone, offering 280+ clinical experiences in 70+ specialties and subspecialties.

AMO allows you to gain real-world medical training through in-person and virtual hands-on experiences and observerships.

Candidates can follow the easy steps to earn letters of recommendation from U.S. preceptors and enhance your skills, knowledge, and resume/CV.

Quality. Variety. Dependability.

280+ Rotations to choose from

5,500 trainees and counting

80.8% match rate

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Cardiology Outpatient

Visitors will work with a cardiologist based in Evanston, Illinois. Through this experience, visitors will learn about diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases of the cardiovascular system.


Medical trainees will work with an OBGYN based in Chicago, IL. Through this experience, medical trainees will learn about the medical specialty of gynecology.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Medical trainees will work with a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician based in Pembroke Pines, Florida, located near Miami.

Virtual Radiology

Medical trainees will remotely work with a radiologist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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